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Mosquito Control

Treat standing water that is miles away from your home.

We are constantly told that to eliminate mosquito problems we must eliminate all standing water or treat standing water with a mosquito control product.
This is the most frustrating part of getting rid of mosquitoes: the breeding source, or standing water, is rarely on our own property.  We suffer mosquito bites due to conditions out of our control.

Now there is a way to treat water that is far away from your home.  How far?  As far away as the mosquito will fly -- with the wind at its back!

Spray mosquito harborage sites with NyGuard insect growth regulator.  The IGR will then transfer to standing water as mosquitoes lay their eggs.  You have now treated mosquito breeding sites that are miles away from your home.

New studies have shown that miniscule amounts of Pyriproxifen (the active ingredient in NyGuard) will stop or inhibit the growth of mosquito larvae.  To inhibit the growth of immature mosquitoes, NyGuard need only be present in as little as .012 parts per billion in areas where mosquitoes breed!  This tiny amount of IGR keeps mosquito larvae from becoming flying, biting, reproducing adult mosquitoes -- without harming animals, wildlife or contaminating water supplies.

Here is how it works:

Mosquitoes have four areas in their life: the air (flying), feeding site (that would be you), harborage sites and breeding sites.  Breeding sites are the problem areas: standing water that is out of our reach.
Harborage sites, on the other hand, are where mosquitoes rest when not flying, feeding or laying eggs.  These harborage sites are the areas you can spray NyGuard IGR.
Mosquitoes that land on areas where you have sprayed NyGuard will pick up minute amounts of the IGR.  NyGuard will transfer from a treated leaf (for example) to the mosquito's legs.
The mosquito will now fly to an area where there is standing water to lay her eggs.
The tiny amount of IGR picked up by the mosquito's legs is now transferred to the water.  In this manner, the mosquito has doomed her own offspring.  The effect of Nyguard in the water: mosquito eggs that manage to hatch will not mature properly.  The mosquito is laying eggs that will never mature into adult mosquitoes.
Only .012 parts NyGuard per billion in standing water is sufficient to inhibit the development of mosquito larvae.

(One gallon of mixed solution in a compressed air sprayer will cover 1,000 to 1,500 square feet of leaves, shrubs, trees, grass, fences, etc.)
Apply using a backpack sprayer, ULV cold fogger, compressed air sprayer or hand-held sprayer at a rate of 4 to 8 ml. of NyGuard® IGR Concentrate per 1,500 sq. ft. in sufficient amount of water to get good coverage of target site. Use 
up to 11 ml. per 1,500 square feet for insect populations that are difficult to control or in conditions that make it difficult to get control of target pests.

Do not let the flexible options for mixing cause confusion.  Simply put, 4 mil. per 1,500 square feet is minimum amount you will need when mosquito season is winding down or when flying insect pest populations are low.
When mosquito populations are at high levels, you can use the maximum rate of 11 mil. per 1,500 sq. ft. to obtain control quickly.  On average, you should use about 8 mil. NyGuard IGR per 1,500 sq. ft. of area to spray.
Pest population and money involved to treat large areas come into play when choosing amount of concentrate to spray.

Treat moist, shady areas where mosquitoes rest, harbor or breed, such as trees, shrubs, landscape plants, tall grass or plant foliage, standing water, gutters, drains, under decks, in-ground sprinkler heads, pet areas, fountains, birdbaths, landscape timbers, rocks, pavers, planters and fences.
Tank mix NyGuard® IGR Concentrate with an adulticide to get immediate control of the biting adult stages, while inhibiting successful development of immature stages.  Monitor insect emergence and re-apply every 28 days, or when insect populations reach treatment threshold levels.
Onslaught and D-Fense are good examples of adulticides to mix with NyGuard IGR Concentrate.

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