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Ultraviolet and Pheromone Lighted Fly Traps    Ultraviolet Fly Zapping Traps   

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There are various types of fly traps used in the control and elimination of nuisance house flies, fruit flies or other flying pests.  Pheromone traps use sexual attractants to lure flies to sticky pads or into a liquid trap.  Older models of light traps incorporated standard light bulbs.  The older type of lighted fly trap does attract insects but not as well as traps that use ultraviolet lights.  Many insects are attracted to ultraviolet but the main use of this type of trap is in fly controlUltraviolet rays emitted by professional traps are not harmful to people or pets.  These traps are more desirable than sprays for indoor fly control, as discussed in Safe Fly Control.
The power or effective range of an ultraviolet fly trap is determined by the power or wattage of the bulbs, the number of bulbs and (most importantly) the physical configuration of the trap.  Low profile traps used in dining areas of restaurants and homes normally do not emit the same amount of UV rays as professional traps used in food preparation areas, receiving areas and warehouses.  Our line of ultraviolet fly traps are designed for optimum coverage, resulting in more powerful traps for better fly control.

There are two basic types of ultraviolet insect traps: those that electrocute bugs and those that capture bugs on replaceable sticky pads or glue traps.  Our capture pads are impregnated with a pheromone that helps attract those difficult to control nuisance flies.

Ultraviolet Lighted Fly Traps Commercial Ultraviolet Fly Zappers

Ultraviolet Lighted Fly Traps

Flies (and other bugs) find these ultraviolet rays irresistible.  Our lighted insect traps incorporate pheromones and ultraviolet to capture nuisance flies.  For most residential and business applications, fly zappers (traps which electrocute bugs) should not be used.  In food handling areas of restaurants or food processing plants, insect body parts might fall into food if fly zappers are used.  For those areas where a heavy-duty fly zapper unit is needed (in non-food areas) use on of our commercial flying insect  zappers.  Most flies are attracted to this UV light but there are certain flies (such as the vinegar fly) that are not.  The pheromones in our capture pads will lure flies that might not be attracted to ultraviolet.  By using ultraviolet and pheromones, you greatly increase your chances of killing the pests in any given area.
Your choice of designs to choose from: 

Matrix II Four Seasons Fly Trap        Visu Industrial UV Fly Trap        Whitmire Vector Plasma Fly Trap

         Ultralite 30 Watt Low Profile Fly Trap

Matrix II Four Season Fly Trap

Matrix II Four Seasons Fly Trap UVThe Matrix II Four Seasons Fly Trap is one of the most versatile ultraviolet fly traps on the market.
This UV trap is designed to use 1 to 4 bulbs, according to your needs.

Matrix Fly Trap Information  Matrix Replacement Pads and Bulbs


Visu Industrial Fly Trap

Visu Industrial Ultraviolet Fly Trap

The secret behind the Visu fly trap's power is its wide-open design.
Available in 30 watt and 80 watt power units
Visu Industrial UV Fly Trap Information  
Visu 30 Replacement Bulbs and Pads
    Visu 80 Replacement Bulbs and Pads



Whitmire Vector Plasma Ultraviolet Fly Trap

Whitmire Vector Plasma Trap with Grill Front CoverThis wide-open 72 watt trap is powerful and easy to inspect, easy to maintain.

Two options available: grill front cover (as shown in picture) and screen front cover.
Whitmire Vector Plasma Fly Trap information



Ultralite 30 Watt Low Profile Fly Trap Ultralite 30 Watt Low Profile Fly Trap

This 30 watt unit is a discreet or low profile trap; ideal for restaurant dining areas, hospital or school corridors.  Use where fly control is needed but where captured insects need to be hidden.
Ultralite 30 Watt Ultraviolet Fly Trap information; Ultralite replacement bulbs and pads.

Commercial Ultraviolet Fly Zappers

These traps zap or electrocute insects that are attracted by the ultraviolet lights.  Choose a model that best suits the size and type of environment you have. 


Insect A Kill Fly ZapperThis is one of the most popular zappers for killing flies.
The Insect-A-Kill Fly Zapper  40 watt unit covers 2,000 square feet; 80 watt unit covers 4,000 square feet. This fly zapper is shipped with bulbs included and is covered under factory warranty.

The Insect-A-Kill fly zapper features

Ordering Information for Insect-A-Kill Zapper Fly Trap

EcoZap Kill 13 Fly TrapEco Zap 13 Watt Fly Trap

The EcoZap Kill 13 Fly Trap uses technology and design which helps cut power consumption up to 70%.
Use only one 13 watt ultraviolet bulb to lure flies to kill grid.  Fly trap ordering, pricing info.
EcoZap Kill 13 Fly Trap information
Replacement bulb for EcoZap Kill 13 Fly Trap

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