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UV Replacement Bulbs for Fly Traps

Whether a bulb is too old or has been damaged, it does need to be replaced.  The wattage and number of bulbs in a lighted fly trap determine the area to be covered and controlled.  If your trap requires two bulbs, for example, a single broken bulb will cut the effectiveness of the trap by at least 50%.  Always replace broken or damaged bulbs in a timely manner.
Old ultraviolet bulbs do not emit the same UV rays or waves as a new bulb.  Because of this aging effect, you should replace the bulbs in your lighted fly trap on a regular basis.  Most fly trap manufacturers and professional pest control service companies agree that ultraviolet bulbs should be replaced about every twelve months.  This applies to outdoor bug zappers, professional indoor zappers and other indoor UV lighted insect traps.
For more information about UV Rays and how they are used in pest control, go to the Ultraviolet Information web page.

Bulbs listed here are for two different types of fly traps: fly zappers and combination fly traps.  Zappers attract flies and other flying insects to a grid where they are instantly killed.  Combination fly traps use ultraviolet and fly pheromones to attract flies and use a glue pad to capture unwanted flying insects.

Check information pages for correct bulb and number of bulbs for your trap.
Cento Bulb   Insectaflash Bulbs   Flytrap Professional Bulbs    Satalite Trap Bulb   
Luralite Bulb    Exocutor Bulbs   

Cento Bulb  
The Cento Luralite (more commonly called the Cento Fly Trap) uses one specially designed bulb to attract flies.  Each Cento requires one 18 watt bulb.

Order Cento Replacement Bulb

Insectaflash Bulbs

The Insectaflash is a zapper type fly trap.  There are two models of Insectaflash:
Insectaflash IF50 covers 1,400 square feet; uses two bulbs.
Insectaflash IF100 covers 3,230 square feet; uses four bulbs.
Both of these traps use specially designed 25 watt bulbs.  The power or coverage rate is determined by how many bulbs are used.

Flytrap Professional Bulbs  

Flytrap Professional is another style of trap that is available in two different models, with the only difference being the power or wattage of bulbs  utilized to cover medium or large areas indoors.  The smaller model is called FTP 30 or 30 watt Flytrap Professional; most powerful model is called FTP 80 or 80 watt Flytrap Professional.
The power of these two fly traps are not determined by number of bulbs; each trap uses a totally different bulb:
30 watt Flytrap uses two 15 watt bulbs.
80 watt Flytrap uses two 40 watt bulbs.
When you go to order replacement bulbs you will need to know which unit you have.
Bulbs are sold as "each"; if you need to replace all bulbs, order 2 for each trap.

15 watt UV Bulbs    40 watt UV Bulbs

30 Watt Flytrap Pads        80 Watt Flytrap Pads

View All Ultraviolet Trap Replacement Capture Pads

Satalite Trap Bulb   

The replacement bulbs for Satalite Fly Trap can also used in the Luralite Pro and FTP 30 lighted fly traps.  This trap uses two 15 watt bulbs.

Order Satalite Fly Trap Replacement Bulbs
Capture Pads for Satalite Professional Trap

Luralite Bulb   

Luralite Fly Trap uses 2 bulbs that (when combined inside the special trap) will cover about 540 square feet.

Order Luralite Pro Replacement Bulbs
Capture Pads for Luralite Pro

Exocutor Bulbs

The Exocutor is a zapper type of insect trap that uses special bulbs.  For each trap you will need two bulbs.

Order Exocutor Fly Zapper Replacement Bulbs

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