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Rodent Baiters

Traps, Bait Stations, Baiters,
Equipment for Eliminating Rodents

Items listed on this page are used in rodent management programs to protect rodent baits and traps from the weather, keep rat and mouse products out of reach of children and pets and also to enhance bait and trap acceptance.
Several different traps, rat baits and mouse baits can be used in rodent baiters or bait stations.
In rodent elimination, there are many tools to choose from: rat bait stations, mouse bait stations, rodenticides, rat snap traps, T-Rex Rat Trap, mouse snap traps, plastic Trapper Mouse Trap, Rat Zapper 2000, live rat traps, live mouse traps, rat glue traps, mouse glue boards and outdoor rodent repellent granules.   

Bait stations are devices that keep rodenticides (and traps) safely out of reach of non-target animals.  Protecta bait stations have lock down lids that help prevent children from touching rodent killing baits and traps.
Rat and mouse bait stations can be used indoors and outdoors.  Many commercial food processing plants, restaurants and other businesses located near food oriented stores and restaurants will also use these devices.  Keeping a constant supply of outdoor bait around buildings gives unwanted rats and mice a chance to feed on rodent baits before they have a chance to enter buildings.
Choose the correct bait station for your particular rodent problem.  You can also choose bait stations that safely house the traps or baits being used in your rodent control program.  Most pest control operators use Protecta Bait Stations for placement of their rat bait or mouse bait.  These stations will also hold T-Rex Rat Traps and mouse glue traps.
Rat size bait stations (Protecta) can be used for Roof Rats, Norway Rats or other rodents.  Mouse size bait stations (Protecta RTU) will work for infestations of mice (house mouse, field mouse.)

Protecta Rat Bait StationsProtecta Rat Bait Station

Protecta tamper resistant bait stations protect your rodent bait from moisture, dust or other contaminating elements while keeping rat baits out of reach of non target animals.  Locking lid keeps dogs and other animals from opening lid.
These rodent baiters keep your bait fresh while providing a prime feeding station where rats and mice consume your rodenticides.

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Rodent Cafe Bait Stations

Rodent Cafe Rat Bait Station

Keyed entry required.  Bait station shipped with key.
Low profile bait station for bait blocks, only.  Not designed for rat traps.
Rodent Cafe Rat Bait Station information.

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Order Case (6) Rodent Cafe Bait Stations

Protecta Mouse Bait Station

Protectat Mouse Bait StationRodenticides    Rodent Control Catalog    Rodent Baiters


Protecta tamper resistant bait stations protect your mouse bait from moisture, dust or other contaminating elements while keeping baits out of reach of non target animals.  Locking lid prevents pets from eating rodent bait.  This baiter is designed to hold 1 to 4 blocks of Contrac Blox or Generation Mini Blocks rat and mouse baits
These rodent baiters keep your bait fresh while providing a prime feeding station where  mice consume your rodenticides.  Requires key (included) to open.
When killing rats, use the Protecta Rat Bait Station, with Contrac Blox.
For smaller mouse jobs, use the Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Station.

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Protecta RTU Mouse Bait StationBell Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Station

Protecta tamper resistant mouse bait stations are sized and shaped for the corners and small areas where precise placement of mouse rodenticides is important.  Insert your mouse bait (Contrac Blox work best in this baiter) into the bait station; place the bait station in corners or against walls, in cupboards or other areas where mice are known to travel in your home or business.  Protectas automatically lock when lid is closed and is opened with the Protecta 2 prong key.  This locking system helps keep your mouse bait out of reach of pets and children but still offers a great feeding station for mice.

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T-Rex Rat TrapT-Rex Rat Trap

The Trapper T-Rex is the newest snap trap from Bell Labs, makers of many professional rodent control products.  This trap is easier to set than conventional rat snap traps and gives you a more reliable rat kill.
Features include a sensitive trigger and superior trap velocity with unique interlocking  teeth that makes it far more difficult for a rat to escape.
To set the trap, simply press the trap open.  This can be done by hand or by placing the T-Rex rat trap on the floor and pressing the pedal by foot.  Baiting the trap is simplified.  A removable cup can be withdrawn or re-inserted without the trap being set.  Fill the cup with peanut butter, chocolate or similar attractants to lure your unwanted rats into the jaws of the T-Rex rat trap.  Place the trap in path of rats; can also be placed inside the Protecta Rat Bait Station for added safety and acceptance.

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