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Resistant Roaches

As described in pesticide resistance, it is very likely that you may run into a population of cockroaches that are not affected by a particular bug spray.  When this happens, the roaches in question are usually immune to or have a resistance to the entire class of insecticides and not necessarily just one particular insecticide.
In most cases of resistant roaches the German Cockroach is the problem pest.

There are three basic ways to approach the challenge of resistant roaches:

  1. Switch classes of chemicals.  This is becoming difficult since so many classes of chemicals are being phased out of production.
  2. Combine two different classes of chemicals with the one-two punch of spraying with one type and using an aerosol crack and crevice tool of another type.
  3. Discontinue the use of insecticide sprays and bait the infested area with a reliable professional roach bait.

The approach of merely switching to another spray that is in the same class as the original spray can work sometimes.  If you have been using a ready to use, over the counter spray you might have great results by spraying the infested area with a double strength (what is called the clean out rate) solution of a professional product.  Most pest control operators use Demon WP, Demon EC, Cynoff WP or Cynoff EC for controlling roaches in residential dwellings.  Tempo WP and Tempo EC are used in commercial food handling areas, restaurants and homes.  These products are not pre-mixed types of sprays; they are concentrated products packaged at maximum strength.  A ready to use spray does not pack the punch of a professional concentrate that has been properly mixed in a fresh solution.  (We always advise to use up what you mix up - the day it is mixed.)
If the home or business has been treated repeatedly with an over the counter product, simply switching to a professional spray may not do the trick.  In this case, try one of the three following roach control programs:

Switch Classes of Insecticide Spray    Combine Two Classes    Use a Good Bait

Switch Classes of Insecticide Spray  

When pest control operators run into an isolated problem of German cockroaches being resistant to Demon, Cynoff, Demand, Suspend or Tempo we suggest switching to an organophosphate called Orthene Pellets.  Orthene is available in pre-measured packs of concentrated pellets or crystals that are mixed with a gallon of water.  Orthene is not considered a Restricted Use Pesticide (by Federal guidelines) but it is no longer labeled for use in residential homes.  It is used primarily in restaurants where resistant strains of German cockroaches are a problem.    

Combine Two Classes of Insecticides   

If the problem of roaches that have shown a resistance to a pesticide have not gotten totally out of control, using a good spray that is followed up with a good crack and crevice aerosol will do a good job.  A popular combination being used calls for Cypermethrin concentrate and CB-AirDevil aerosol.  After mixing and applying a solution of Cypermethrin (Demon or Cynoff) use CB-AirDevil in small cracks, crevices and other roach hiding places.  The aerosol (AirDevil) is equipped with a straw that allows for the product to be injected into the areas where roaches, ants and other bugs hide.  By combining Cypermethrin (the active ingredient in Cynoff WP, Cynoff EC, Demon WP and Demon EC) with Baygon (the active ingredient in CB-AirDevil) you will be using two totally different classes of products.

Use a Professional Roach Bait

Professional roach baits can save you a great deal of time and money if you have run into a severe German Cockroach problem.  There are several roach baits available but the most popular is Maxforce Roach Bait Gel.  Maxforce is popular because of the domino effect its active ingredients have on most roaches found in homes and restaurants and ease of application.  When baits are used properly, the roaches do most of the work for you.

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