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Rat Zapper 2000

Electronic Trap Kills Rats, Kills Mice

Rat Zapper 2000 Rat Trap

The Rat Zapper 2000 uses a unique design to quickly kill rats and mice that enter the trap.  Operating on 4 AA alkaline batteries, this trap is a great alternative to rodent baits that might be ingested by pets, children or non-target animals.  Can also be used to control shrews.

This trap is easy to use, easy to monitor and easy to empty.  To set your Rat Zapper, place a small amount of dry pet food (or similar dry attractant) at the rear of the trap.  Turning on the unit, the red light will first blink then stay on.  This tells you that the trap is set and ready for action.
Place the trap against walls, behind appliances, in attics or other areas where rats and mice frequently travel.  Once the rodent enters the Rat Zapper, the trap senses the presence of the animal and gives it a lethal electric jolt.  Your trap's red light will now blink, an alert that lets you know you have a dead rodent in the trap.
Empty the trap by turning it upside down allowing the dead rat or mouse to slide out.  

The Rat Zapper is safer around children and pets than large snap traps and rat poisons.  Use indoors wherever you have rat or mouse problems.

Rats Mice Rat Zapper
Ordering, Pricing
Rat Zapper
Operating Instructions
Rat Tale

Rat Zapper Operating Instructions

  1. Place some dry bait (dry dog food works) in the Rat Zapper and let it slide all the way to the back.
  2. Turn the Main Switch ON.  The red light should blink to indicate all systems are GO.
  3. Place the Rat Zapper on a flat surface against a wall.  Remove other traps or sources of food.
  4. The red light will be blinking when a rodent is in the Rat Zapper.
  5. Remove the rodent carcass by gently shaking it into a suitable receptacle.
  6. Turn the Rat Zapper OFF, then repeat steps 1 through 5.

For easier access and monitoring (when placing Rat Zappers in attics and other hard to reach places) use one Rat Tale for each Rat Zapper rodent trap.

Rat Zapper Ordering, Pricing

The Rat Zapper 2000 electronic rat and mouse trap requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included.  You will need 1 Rat Zapper per 1,000 square feet of space in residential buildings.  For larger homes or businesses, try to place a Rat Zapper in any area where rats and mice are known to frequent, for faster population reduction.

Order Rat Zapper 2000

Rat Tale for Rat Zapper


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Rat Zapper

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Rat Zapper 2000 electric rat trap