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Odor Genie

All Odor Genie products have been discontinued by the manufacturer, including Odor Genie Pouch and Odor Genie Powder.
For other products used by professionals in odor elimination and odor control, go to the Odor Elimination article.

Odor Genie's powerful negative ion charge deodorizes by removing odor particles without leaving any masking smells.

100% All Natural!

Odor Genie is a natural mineral which was formed from volcanic ash deposited millions of years ago.  This product's main attribute is that it possesses Cation Exchange Capacities.  Organic odors, having a positive ionic charge, are irresistibly  attracted to Odor Genie super-charged negative ions and are absorbed into millions of tunnels and channels with the cell structure of the material.  Odor  Genie's powerful negative ion charge deodorizes by removing odor particles without leaving any masking smells or by using chemicals.  If you could see Odor Genie working, it would look like a genie bottle, taking in all the naturally occurring organic odors surrounding it!

Odor Genie Powder is a non-toxic mineral that will not harm humans or pets and has no odor of its own.  For general, unpleasant pet odors in carpet (urine, feces, wet animal smell and even mildew, vomit, smoke and tobacco smoke) just sprinkle a thin coat of Odor Genie powder evenly over carpet or any affected area.  One pound covers about 100 square feet or an average size room.  Allow to stand for one hour, then vacuum.  If odor persists, reapply.

Odor Genie is safe to sprinkle on pets, anytime the need arises -- especially after a skunk attack!  If your pet has an undesirable odor due to playing in the rain and mud, rolling on an animal carcass or just smells bad, sprinkle the material directly on their coat.  Also safe to use in kennels, dog houses and dog bedding.
One of the most popular uses for the powder is in and beneath cat litter.  Sprinkle powder into the litter box to further enhance the kitty litter with the elimination of urine and pet odors.
Also, sprinkle Odor Genie in the bottom of diaper pails, in shoes, throw rugs, closets and any place where odors may be a problem.  Vacuum, if needed, in one hour.
Odor Genie Powder is packaged in 2 Lb. shaker and costs $10.90 each, plus S&H.

Where pet urine deposits have occurred over an extended period and have penetrated into floor, brush approximately 1/4 pound of powder into carpet with a broom.  Leave in carpet.  DO NOT VACUUM.  Odor Genie will absorb odor gases as they are expelled.  Call 662-746-7276 to request additional information needed for deep cleaning.

Can be used in:
Cars, Closets, Storage Buildings, Basements, Barns, Garages, Kennels, Pet Areas, Boats, Diaper Bins, Laundry Rooms, Kitchens, Refrigerators, Garbage Cans, Rest Rooms, Horse Stalls and R/Vs.

Odor Genie is being used by:
Auto Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Funeral Homes, Hotels and Motels, Nursing Homes and Hospital Facilities, Pest Control Companies, Home Owners and Schools.

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