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Mosquito Dunks

Safely Kill Mosquito Larvae in Fish Ponds, Bird Baths, Standing Water

Mosquito Control Products

Mosquito Dunks are an integral part of any mosquito elimination program and should be used in conjunction with fogging, mosquito repellents and personal insect repellents.  This combination will help protect your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Mosquito Dunk
General Information
Directions for Use
Order Mosquito Dunks Pre-flood Treatment

Mosquito Control: Mosquito Dunks with Bacillus thuringiensisThis biological pest control product kills mosquito larvae but is completely non-toxic to animals such as fish, birds, wildlife and pets. Each individual dunk will last up to 30 days in standing water and will cover 100 square feet of surface.  Safe to use in pet watering bowls, horse troughs, lakes, bird baths, fish ponds, flower pots, aquatic gardens, flood control basins, unused swimming pools and other areas where standing water is a possible breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Can be used with Mosquito Bits.

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Killing mosquito larvae at their source is smart pest control.  Attempts to eliminate annoying and dangerous mosquito infestations by targeting only the adult pests usually fail or (at best) give only temporary relief.
After placing dunks in mosquito breeding grounds, you will see the adult population slowly diminish.  This control method seems slow but it does give long-term control over a potentially dangerous insect.  It could take up to two weeks to actually see the results of this product.  If quick elimination of mosquito larvae is desired, first use Mosquito Bits.  This is another "BT product" which works by the same mode of action as Mosquito Dunks.

Mosquito Dunks work slow, but over a longer (30 day) time period; Mosquito Bits work quickly, but have a short (48 hour) residual.  For severe infestations, use both products for best mosquito control.  Long term mosquito control programs help control mosquitoes that are carriers of West Nile virus and other mosquito transmitted diseases.

Mosquito Dunk Biological Mosquito Control

General Information

Active Ingredients:  Bacillus thuringiensis ... 10.00%
Each dunk kills mosquito larvae for 30 days or more.  Mosquito Dunks float on water and will keep on working for 30 days or longer under typical environmental conditions.  While floating, they slowly release a long-term, biological mosquito larvicide at the water's surface.  This larvicide gradually settles in the water where it is eaten by mosquito larvae growing there.  Mosquito Dunks may be used in all types of standing water sites where mosquito larvae grow.   Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce their effectiveness. 
Mosquito Dunks are registered for mosquito control use in all 50 States!
This material can be used whole or broken into portions and applied to containerized standing water found near the home such as:

Bird Baths Flower Pots Unused Swimming Pools Tree Holes
Rain Barrels Roof Gutters Old Auto Tires Water Gardens
Fish Ponds


Use one Mosquito Dunk for up to 100 square feet of water surface, regardless of water depth.  To prevent them from being washed away, the dunks can be anchored using a string tied through the center hole or they can be staked in place.  For smaller areas (flower pots, bird baths, pet water bowls,) Mosquito Dunks can easily broken into smaller pieces.
Suggested Amounts to Use:

1 to 5 square feet Dunk
5 to 25 square feet Dunk
25 to 100 square feet 1 Dunk

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Pre-flood Treatment

Apply Mosquito Dunks at the rates recommended above to any target site listed above which is known to become flooded after a rain, requiring safe mosquito control measures.  Use the correct amounts in accordance with the above dosage table.

Mosquito Dunks are available in two sizes:

Mosquito Dunks 6 Pack

Mosquito Dunks 20 Count

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