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Pyrethrin Aerosol

Pyrethrin aerosol (a.i. Pyrethrins... .5%, Piperonyl Butoxide, technical...5.0 %) - An aerosol insecticide that gives quick knock-down on listed pests, used primarily as a space spray for flying pests and  crack and crevice tool for roaches and pantry pests.   Pyrethrin Aerosol information page.  




Purge pyrethrin metered aerosol

Purge III   This metered aerosol contains 3,000 metered sprays; when placed inside a Metered Aerosol Dispenser, disperses Pyrethrins every 15 minutes.  One can lasts for 30 days, killing flying pests. Each container will cover up to 5,000 cubic feet indoors.  Purge III Information page.


Metered Aerosol DispenserAutomatic Dispenser -- This dispenser has indicator lights to let you know if your batteries are running low and also lets you know if your metered aerosol can is empty.  Adjustable timer; day, night or 24/7 operation options.
Metered Aerosol Dispenser information page.



Exciter Pyrethrin Concentrate

Exciter    6% concentrate of liquid pyrethrin used for fogging and spraying.  Use 1 to 4 ounces per gallon, to mix your own fogging solution or to add an extra kick to residual insecticides.
Exciter Pyrethrin Concentrate information page.

Gold Stick Fly TrapGold Stick Trap -- -- This non-toxic trap uses pheromone sexual attractants to lure certain flies (usually filth flies) the non-toxic glue trap.  Can be hung in any area where flies are a problem.
Available in large and small sizes.
Gold Stick information page.





wpe1.jpg (9440 bytes)Advantage Fly Trap  This outdoor fly trap contains all natural ingredients and is non-toxic to children and animals.  Flies are attracted to the fly lure from as far away as thirty feet.
Advantage Fly Trap information page.


Drain Gel Gets Rid of Drain Flies Fruit FlyDrain Fly Gel -- For infestations of any drain fly; simply pour the material into any infested drain to eliminate organic film in which fly larvae develop.  Packaged in easy to use quart container; gallon refills available.
Drain Gel information page.


Stimukil Fly Bait --This is a granular bait that flies love. Used around dumpsters, outside a restaurant, dog pens, chicken houses, and so on.  Available in 1 Lb. and 5 Lb. containers.
Stimukil Fly Bait information.

Maxforce Granular Fly Bait --  New fly bait that joins the Maxforce Baits line of products.  The active ingredient in this bait (Imidacloprid  0.5%) poses far less possible hazards to humans and non-target animals than conventional fly baits such as Stimukil and Flytech.
Maxforce Granular Fly Bait information page.

Surface Sprays

In some cases, the use of a surface spray is needed in fly control.  Surfaces such as the outside walls of a home and inside walls of barns, warehouses and other structures can be sprayed with products such as Cyper WP or Permethrin SFRCyper WP has a very long residual effect.  Permethrin SFR is a better product for use in delicate areas such as horse barns, kennels or chicken coops.
In outdoor areas where soil is constantly moist (beneath older buildings, crawl spaces under homes and schools, etc.) Talstar liquid concentrate can give 1 to 3 months residual.

  • A 1 pound container of Cyper WP is $39.90 and will make 48 gallons of solution.
    Cyper WP Information
  • A quart of Permethrin SFR is $39.50 and will make over 20 gallons of solution.
    Permethrin information
  • Each pint of Talstar liquid concentrate is $49; this product can be used at rates as low as 1/8 ounce per gallon of water.
    Liquid Talstar information
  • Each 8 ounce bottle of Demand CS is only $59.50 plus shipping and makes up to 20 gallons of long residual, low odor solution.
    Demand CS information

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