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Fly Breeding Sites

Fly elimination begins with locating and eliminating the material in which the flies are feeding and breeding.  These two charts will help you match your flying pest to its breeding site or show you what flies breed in any particular material.
Choose any species of fly on the
Fly Chart to see its preferred breeding materials.
Choose any of the breeding sources on the
Fly Breeding Site Chart to see all flies that will breed in that particular material.

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     Surface Sprays for Outdoor Fly Problems 

Fly Chart

Fly Breeding Sources

Cheese Skipper or Ham Skipper Fruit Fly Fungus Gnat Moth Fly Phorid Fly Sphaerocerid Fly
House Fly Blow Fly Bottle Fly Flesh Fly Soldier Fly
Cluster Fly Deer Fly Face Fly Horse Fly Stable Fly

Breeding Site Chart

Flies Which Breed in Particular Materials

Aquatic Sites Damp Organic Materials Dead Animals Decaying Grass
Drains Earthworms Fresh Fruits Garbage
Human Cadavers Manure Meats and Cheeses Rotting Vegetables and Fruits
Seaweed Sewers and Sewage Soil Contaminated with Sewage Wet Soil, Potting Soil

fruit flies, gnats, fly breeding sitesSmall Fly Breeding Sites * Denotes primary breeding areas.

Cheese Skipper or Ham Skipper Fruit Fly Fungus Gnat Moth Fly Phorid Fly Sphaerocerid Fly


Cheese Skippers

Meat & Cheese* Human Cadavers


Fruit Flies

Damp Organic Matter* Rotting Fruits and Vegetables* Garbage* Drains Fresh Fruits


Fungus Gnats

Wet Soil


Moth Flies

Drains* Sewers & Septic Tanks Sewage Contaminated Soil


Phorid Flies

Rotting Fruits & Vegetables

Damp Organic Matter*



Human Cadavers

Sewage Contaminated Soil*


Sphaerocerid Flies


Damp Organic Material* Drains Rotting Fruits & Vegetables Garbage

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filth flies: house fly, blow flyFilth Fly Breeding Sites * Denotes primary breeding areas.

Filth Fly Article

House Fly Blow Fly Bottle Fly Flesh Fly Soldier Fly

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House Fly


Manure* Rotting Fruits & Vegetables Decaying Organic Material


Blow Flies

Garbage* Dead Animals* Damp Organic Material


Bottle Flies

Damp Organic Material Decaying Grass Dead Animals* Garbage*

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Flesh Flies

Garbage Dead Animals*


Soldier Flies

Garbage* Damp Organic Material

Biting Fly Breeding Sites *Denotes primary breeding areas.Biting Flies: Deer Fly, Horse Fly


Cluster Fly Deer Fly Face Fly Horse Fly Stable Fly

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Cluster Flies


Deer Flies

Aquatic Areas
Face Flies


Horse Fly

Aquatic Areas

Stable Flies


Manure* Decaying Grass/Hay/Straw

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Aquatic Sites
List of Flies Which Breed in Aquatic Type Sites

Deer Flies Horse Flies


Dead Animals
Flies That Prefer to Breed In or On Dead Animals

Blow Flies Bottle Flies Flesh Flies


Decaying Grass
Flies Which Breed in Decaying Grass

Bottle Flies Stable Flies


Damp and Decaying Organic Matter
These flies will breed and feed on damp and decaying organic matter.

Fruit Flies Phorid Flies Sphaerocerid Flies House Flies Blow Flies Bottle Flies Cluster Flies


This list of flies can often be found in drains.

Sphaerocerid Flies Moth Flies Phorid Flies Fruit Flies


This fly breeds on earthworms.

Cluster Flies


Fresh Fruits
The fruit fly is so named because it prefers fresh fruit as breeding ground.

Fruit Flies


All of these flies can be found in garbage.

Fruit Flies Phorid Flies Sphaerocerid Flies Soldier Flies Flesh Flies Bottle Flies Blow Flies House Flies


Human Cadavers
These two nuisance flies can be found breeding in or on human cadavers.
Cheese Skippers Phorid Flies


The following list includes flies that breed in manure.

Sphaerocerid Flies House Flies Stable Flies Face Flies


Meat and Cheese
Meat and cheese are the preferred feeding and breeding source for these flies.

Cheese Skippers (or Ham Skippers)


Rotting Vegetables and Fruits
Decaying and rotting fruits and vegetables are breeding sources for:

Phorid Flies Sphaerocerid Flies Fruit Flies House Flies


This fly will breed on seaweed.

Stable Flies


This fly will breed in sewers.

Moth Flies


Sewage Contaminated Soil
These two flies can be found breeding in sewage contaminated soil.

Fungus Gnats Moth Flies


Potting Soil, Wet Soil
The Fungus Gnat breeds in wet potting soil and other wet soils.

Fungus Gnats

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Horse Fly   House Fly   Moth Fly  Phorid Fly

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