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Fly Control in Drains

Fruit flies and drain flies (also called Moth Flies) will breed in the thin layers of material that accumulate in the drains and traps of sinks and bathtubs and also in floor drains of older buildings, commercial buildings.  Bleach and other harsh chemicals rarely work when attempting to eliminate this fly breeding slime.
Products such as Invade Bio Drain and Invade Bio Foam can safely be used in drains where small flies are breeding.   Severe infestations often require an initial application that combines one of the above products with either NyGuard IGR or Gentrol IGR.  These insect growth regulators will drastically slow down development of fly larvae - and other pests.
The action of these materials breaks down the thin layers in which small flies breed.  In older buildings, restaurants and other commercial food handling areas, a drain cleaner should be used on a regular basis to prevent problems associated with drain line build up: odors and flies.
Invade Bio Drain and Invade Bio Foam are similar but you should choose the one that best suits your pest control job.  Invade Bio Drain Gel costs less (for small jobs) while Invade Bio Foam saves you money for larger jobs and it also contains a foaming agent that allows mixing with other products while penetrating deeper into drain lines and traps.  Invade Bio Foam must be used with a foamer such as Chapin Poly Foamer or B&G Versa Foamer.
Restaurants and other independent businesses prefer the Chapin Poly Foamer.
Pest control professionals will use B&G Versa Foamer or Chapin Poly Foamer.
For severe or stubborn drain fly infestations, an IGR containing Hydroprene can be used in combination with your drain cleaner.  Gentrol IGR is easily mixed and applied to drains and works especially well when foamed with MicroFoam.  Gentrol prevents immature flies from maturing into adult flies.  By combining Gentrol and MicroFoam you create a very effective foam for forcing down drains when eliminating drain fly or fruit fly infestations by eliminating the breeding source and preventing the emergence of adult flies from the drains.  Use a foaming device for this type of application.
For simple maintenance, Gentrol Aerosol can also be used in drains.
Combing drain products with Ultraviolet fly traps is a good idea for restaurants and buffets, for a total indoor fly control program.

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