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Insecticides that have a desiccant action on bugs are used in pest control to kill a variety of pests, including fleas, ticks, bedbugs and cockroaches.  Insects are invertebrates, having an external skeleton commonly known as an exoskeleton.  This exoskeleton not only gives support and structure (as does our internal skeleton network of bones) but protects insects from drying out.  Desiccants or desiccant insecticides have the ability to dry out bugs and kill them.  Not all insects are immediately killed by a desiccant, due to the thickness or hardness of their cuticle or outer shell.
Pest control operators will use desiccant materials that are especially formulated to safely kill targeted pests in homes and other buildings.  Diatomaceous earth is a form of amorphous silica that kills certain insects.  Drione Dust is a professional insecticide dust that contains amorphous silica gel, natural pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide.  Piperonyl Butoxide is a synergist that enhances the action of pyrethrins and other insecticides.  Borates (such as boric acid, Flea Stoppers) are also desiccants.


Flea Stoppers, boric acid and Mop Up are examples of borates used in pest control.  These special boric acid products have two modes of action: desiccation and slow acting stomach poison.  Flea Stoppers is a great example of an insecticide that kills bugs by desiccation or drying them out.  The eggs and larvae of fleas are soft and pliable, making them an easy target for a desiccant.  Larvae that eat foods in areas treated with Flea Stoppers are also killed by the other mode of action: stomach poison.  Feeding on adult flea droppings that have been coated with Flea Stoppers kills the larvae from the inside while direct contact with the insecticide kills them from the outside.

Silica Gel

Amorphous Silica Gel is another desiccant that pest control operators feel that is safe to use in homes that have infestations of ticks, bed bugs and other unwanted creatures hiding in wall voids, attics, cracks and crevices.  Drione Dust contains two active ingredients (Amorphous Silica Desiccant Insecticides: Drione Dust Gel and Pyrethrins) and a synergist (Piperonyl Butoxide).   This combination gives Drione Dust multiple modes of action: desiccation and internal action from silica gel as well as the well-known knock down power of natural pyrethrins.
PyGanic Dust also contains Silica Gel and Pyrethrins.
In 2011, MGK changed the name of their Pyganic Dust to EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust.  Same great product, new name.

No matter which desiccant insecticide you choose, always follow label instructions.  Not all borates are labeled for the same uses.  For example: boric acid powder can be used in cracks and crevices but not in carpets.  Flea Stoppers is a very tiny boric acid type granule that can be safely broadcast on carpets but cannot be used to preserve and protect wood from wood destroying organismsTimbor is designed to spray wood for termite and powderpost beetle protection but cannot be broadcast on carpets to kill fleas.  Bora-Care kills termites and powderpost beetles in wood for many years but is not used to spray on baseboards to kill spiders.

Desiccant insecticides that kill bugs by desiccant mode of action are generally considered safer to use than an insecticide dust that contains a heavy organophosphate pesticide.  In other words, Drione Dust has far less possible hazards to humans and pets than Diazinon Dust; Permethrin, Talstar and Onyx are much lower risks than Lindane (a chlorinated hydrocarbon); Flea Stoppers is safer for mammals than Dursban flea sprays.

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