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Cyfluthrin is an active ingredient found in products labeled for a wide range of pests in and around homes and is labeled for use in restaurants (commercial kitchens), food handling areas.  Kills spiders, ants, carpenter ants, boxelders, roaches, mites and wide variety of household pests.  Cyfluthrin products listed are also used to spray on shrubs, ornamentals around homes and businesses.

Cyfluthrin products are found in professional wettable powder concentrate and microencapsulated concentrate.  Tempo WP is an odorless wettable powder; Tempo SC is an odorless microencapsulated liquid.  Both Tempo insecticides are concentrations that are mixed with water to make odorless insect spray solutions for use in and around homes, restaurants and other structures.  Another product that contains Cyfluthrin is Tempo Dust.  While other Tempo Insecticide products are made to be mixed with water and applied as a spray, Tempo Dust is used in its original dry form.  Apply the dust to cracks and crevices to kill boxelders, scorpions, general household pests and numerous pantry pests.
Cyfluthrin insecticide concentrates are included in Tempo Pest Control Kits.

Primary uses (besides general purpose household pest control) for Tempo WP and Tempo SC (Cyfluthrin products) are for extermination, control of boxelder bugs, infestations of Asian Lady Beetles and roach, ant, pest control in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Tempo WP (a.i.  Cyfluthrin   10%):  This wettable powder concentrate is used by restaurants and pest control companies for broad spectrum control of crawling, flying and wood-infesting insect pests for indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Is also used to eliminate insect pests of trees, landscape ornamentals and residential and commercial lawns.  Tempo is also labeled for spraying in restaurants and commercial food handling areas.  The wettable powder formulation gives three months or more residual for controlling the following indoor pests: ants, bedbugs, boxelder bugs, carpet beetle, centipedes, roaches (American, Asian, German, Oriental, brown-banded and smoky brown), crickets, darkling beetles, earwigs, firebrats, millipedes, pillbugs, silverfish, sowbugs, pantry and stored-product  pests and flying pests, as well as  many other wood infesting and outdoor/ perimeter  pests. The #1 choice for treating the exterior and interior of structures for lady bug (lady beetle) infestations.
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Cannot be shipped to NY, NJ, CT, VT, AK

Tempo SC  (a.i.  Cyfluthrin  11.8%):  This liquid concentrate formulation has the same basic label as Tempo WP.  The advantage of using Tempo SC is no visible residue.   This handy 240 mil. bottle is easily stored, has a handy measuring bottle and yields thirty gallons of low odor spray.  A favorite among homeowners and restaurant managers.  Use to kill roaches, ants and other household insect pests.  Has no odor and the safety of synthetic pyrethrin technology!  Can also be used to kill pests in lawn which reduces the food sources of moles.
Cannot be shipped to NY, NJ, CT, VT, AK

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