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Bed Bug Extermination

Using combination of insecticides, superior insect growth regulators and being faithful with the crack and crevice work will lead to a more successful bed bug extermination program.

The following guidelines will start you on your way to being free of bed bugs, as well as other pests that might be hiding in your wall voids.  There are various products used in getting rid of bed bugs.  Products shown in this article are included in Bed Bug Combo Kit.

  • Clean up premises and mattresses.
  • Spray infested mattresses with Bedlam Insecticide aerosol.
  • Mix 1 ounce Onslaught insecticide concentrate in 1 gallon of water in your sprayer.  Gentrol IGR is sometimes used with Onslaught.  (placing Gentrol Point Source discs in highly infested rooms will also help.)
  • Use this solution to spray baseboards, carpets, flooring or other areas where bed bugs might travel or crawl.  The insecticide should last 2 to 5 weeks on various materials.  Gentrol usually lasts 3 to 7 months.
    Insecticides and IGR liquids are applied with a pump type garden sprayer such as a Chapin plastic sprayer or B&G professional stainless model.
  • After sprayed areas have been allowed to dry, apply EverGreen Dust to cracks, crevices, wall voids or other areas where pests are suspected but where sprays cannot reach.  Evergreen is certified organic, contains natural pyrethrins and silica gel.
    **To load your hand bellows duster, pull off stopper on duster.  To help keep dust from clumping, place a clean, dry penny, metal nut or rock in duster before filling with dust.  When pouring dust into duster, do not fill duster more than about 2/3 full.  Picture at right shows duster in up-side down position.  This position is for loading with dust, not for applying dusts.Hand Bellows Duster shown up-side down
    Replace stopper firmly; hold duster in your hand with stopper side down.  In this position, a small "cloud" of dust is created in top of applicator.  This small cloud allows application of thin layers of dust that travel further and have better chance of sticking to sides of voids.  If held up-side down, dust will fall out in clumps instead of fine cloud of dust.**

Over the next several days or weeks, you can expect to see bed bugs pop up in different areas.  When this happens, it is time to repeat your dust application in any area you may have missed or areas of such high traffic that dust has been rubbed off by bed bugs.

Patience and good crack and crevice work are the keys to a successful bed bug extermination program.

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