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Listing of ants; identification and elimination of each ant.

The Ants    Identification and Control   Ant Control    Ant Bait 

Acrobat Ant   Allegheny Mound Ant       Big-Headed Ant

Black Headed Ants   Cow Killer Ant   Crazy Ants   Carpenter Ants     Fire Ants

Ghost Ants   Little Black Ant    Odorous House Ant   Pavement Ant  Pharaoh Ants     Pyramid Ants   Rover Ant   White Footed Ants

For ant identification, biology and how to kill ants of different species,
read about any of the following pest ants
Fireants and carpenter ants are easy to recognize for most pest control technicians.  Crazy ants, Argentine ants, Pharaoh ants, Ghost ants and others can be difficult to control if they have not been identified and treated with the proper products and pest control methods.
Ant control must begin with correctly identifying the particular pest that has invaded a home, business, school or other building.  After identifying your ant, you can then study pest control methods and which type of products should be used for safe elimination of ant colonies.  Most people prefer to use an ant bait when dealing with such infestations.  Baiting for ants is usually considered less intrusive and easier than using ant sprays, dusts, granules or other contact insecticides.  When it comes to choosing an ant bait, do not let the many different types (formulations) and brands of ant baits confuse you.  For each ant listed in the index that requires baiting, specific types of ant baits and brands of bait are discussed.  Carpenter ant baits are designed for a particular species.  Extinguish Fire Ant Bait can be used in pastures where fireants need to be controlled but where livestock or horses graze.
In many cases, the ant species will dictate which products will successfully eliminate the pests.  When the wrong product is used, time and money are wasted!
Examples of ant control products for specific species:
Pharaoh ants should be controlled with a combination of baits.  If sprays are used, the infestation will actually become worse than before.  This is explained in greater detail in pharaoh ant elimination.
Crazy ants do not always respond to ant baits.  If your ant baits fail and you have identified the pests as crazy ants, you should change tactics.  In this case, a combination of contact insecticides will be needed.
Carpenter ants can be controlled with contact insecticides or with special Carpenterant baits.  When special baits are used, the wood ants (as they are sometimes called) will do the work for you - carrying the tasty food back where it is fed to the entire carpenter ant colony.  Once these pests have been brought under control, either continuing the baiting program or changing over to a spray program will prevent carpenterants from re-investing your home.  For an in-depth look at carpenter ant control, read carpenter ant information, inspecting for carpenter ants and carpenterant control articles.
The above examples are given to encourage correct identification of the ants in your home or business.  

Identify the ant, read about the ants, learn how to control the ants!

  Acrobat Ant   Allegheny Mound Ant

Argentine Ant    Big-Headed Ant

Black Headed Ants   Cow Killer Ant   Crazy Ants

Carpenter Ants     Fire Ants

Ghost Ants   Odorous House Ant   Pavement Ant

Pharaoh Ants     Pyramid Ants   Red-Velvet Ant

Velvet Ants   White Footed Ants

Piss Ants, Pissants, Small Ants

Flying Ants 

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