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Acephate 75 Turf

Lawn and Ornamental Systemic Insecticide

Acephate 75 Turf kills molecrickets, chinch bugs, ants, lacebugs, spittlebugs and lawn pests.

Acephate 75 has been discontinued. Alternatives to Acephate:

There are options available for spraying your lawns and ornamentals.  The products listed here are the best for getting rid of outdoor pests.  After reading the description of each, decide what is best for your pest problems.

  • Bifen IT Insecticide -- This is an odorless liquid concentrate, active ingredient Bifenthrin.  Same as Talstar.  Best for getting rid of molecrickets and other pests in lawns.  Can be used indoors and outdoors; use on lawns, ornamental shrubs.  Customers love this product for ants, molecrickets, mosquitoes, ticks and numerous other pests.  Longer residual than most products.
  • Cyper TC Insecticide -- Active Ingredient: 25.4% Cypermethrin.  Used to kill chinch bugs, ants, fire ants, fleas and other bugs.  Great for customers with large areas to spray.  Using only 1/2 to 1 ounce per 1,000 sq. ft., the one gallon container goes a long way!  Cyper TC has a very fast knock-down.
    Outdoor use, only.  Same ingredients as Demon Max, Cynoff EC.
  • Dominion 2L -- Dominion 2L is listed here because it is a systemic insecticide (as was Acephate 75) that can be sprayed on and around shrubs, as well as turf grass.  Label states that Dominion 2L is to be sprayed as a perimeter treatment around buildings, not intended for spraying the entire lawn.  Will kill termites, ants, carpenter ants; controls aphids, scale, mealybugs and other pests of ornamentals.  A non-repellant insecticide that can be used in same areas where insect baits are in use!  Outdoor use, only.


This is a systemic insecticide that must be applied 48 hours before rainfall or irrigation.  Before treating with Acephate 75 Turf, the ground should be very wet.  Wetting the lawn with a mild soap solution works even better.  This pulls  mole crickets and chinch bugs up to the top of the thatch and insures a good kill after spraying.  Apply Acephate with a hose end sprayer, making applications early or late in the day.  A 20 Gallon Hose End Sprayer works best.
After pouring 1/2 pound of powdered concentrate into sprayer, slowly fill sprayer with water.  Gently slur water until Acephate powder has dissolved.  This solution will cover 4,000 to 6,000 square feet.

A one pound container of Acephate soluble powder insecticide concentrate will cover 8,000 to 12,000 square feet.   Three applications are needed each year.  Spot applications may have to be made in between these main applications.  To monitor molecricket and chinch bug activity, pour a solution of lemon scented dish detergent on suspected areas of turf.   If chinch bugs or mole crickets are there, they will emerge within a few minutes.  This product has shown to have control on elm leaf beetle infestations when timing of spray is correct.

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